I,of course remember the handcart very much, that is not because I used to enjoy sitting on it while the man pulled the cart , who happened to be a family friend as his work was to load things and carried them from one place to another. Today , it’s surprising to see a handcart sitting at the market side. Little modified with metallic rather than wood. 

As I passed this morning I had this wonderful moments that I had spend with it . Realizing that thoughts actually make you happy, I was will for sure make more beautiful moments to remember ! 


Some reasons why students don’t like to study!

Issues faced to study

( This is my nephew and his friend studying in the tuition. I am interested in their cognitive development and ability in learning, I am a student of counseling and I would like to help people as much as I can. For me I don’t only deliver the knowledge of what they need but also well being of gaining knowledge.)

The majority of the students’ parents complains are that their child is not interested in learning. As they believe their child is good in studies as they grow up and goes to higher level their grades get lower. In Maldives a lot of students take tuition for many reasons. When the year starts parents concern is to find a better tuition than the one which the child goes to but not to find the root cause of the matter why actually the grades are low. As a tutor for so long here are few facts that I have noticed and which is happening in our culture and focused on Male’ ( the capital of Maldives).

Lack of space  

Students concerned that they have less space to study. Not proper place, sometimes they have to sit on the bed and study because their sibling is using the table. Which I do agree, there are homes that I have visited and found these issues and I have encourage them fix the places in orderly so that they can have more space. Also prepare time tables so that each one can use the table. In that way problems can be minimized.

Noisy environment

Most of the people live with extended families and there are always more trouble than peaceful, calm environment. Since concentration need less noisy environment, where if the students hear loud noises from his/her background, obviously it is difficult to concentrate. Like the sound of television or some useless political talk and elders having some sort of exciting conversation. If the study times are strictly respected by the elders, this will not happen. They should understand living in that kind of environment we need to have certain set of ways to deal with issues. Rather than expressing the jealousy of elders, not meeting their needs. However, if such noisy environments cannot be fixed one have to find an alternative solution, like you can take the child to the mosque or ask a friend for help or the best is to sit in a mosque.

Careless parenting    

The average of the problem is that the parenting issues. Now a days some parents are too busy with their work and taking caring of children. They hardly ever have time to sit and have a good conversation with their children. Parenting doesn’t mean washing their clothes and feeding them the mental well-being of the child is also as well important. The stressful parent later become abusive towards children and do things that they would totally get trapped in that fear. They should realize that they are not super powered human beings that they would know exactly what is going on in the child minds. The love, care and the attention that are given properly those parents’ children are better in studies than the stressful, or uncaring parents. Therefore good parenting does make a huge difference.

Parents’ expectation

Here in the competitive environment the expectation of the parents are high. Sometimes the child may not want to study a particular subjects for many reasons. Rather pushing the child burdening them on extra pressure will allow them to increase the boredom to study. Then the behavior of the children changes and the good and interesting student ones like to learn become too distance. The best way to solve these issues are to talk to an expertise on this field for assistance or simply talk to your children without judging their thoughts. Quite often what happen is parents are don’t listen to their children and so many buts make them to given finally a deaf ear to the parents. You could ask help from an experience parent.

Influence from other environment

A growing up child will learn so many things from the environment that they be. School is the place most students pick up different behaviors and imitate or enjoy the cool side of it. On the other hand these changes from a child is not expected from the tradition of the family. Labelling and judging makes things worse. The child finally, feels more comfortable with the growing gang style and become nuisance to the teacher. Parents could stop this before it goes out of their hand. Sometime stepping out of the tradition value may help to understand the child behavior or always teaching the child that they are people who need help of elders to grow may overcome few things. Its good to have professional help and teach self-development to children.


Teach that failure is not a bad thing. That actually will help to overcome the weakness of the studies. That also help to enhance the areas that need to improve in the child ability. Some failures of some students are taken seriously and say things they later regret. Parents or teachers are the best people to know the weakness of the children and can help them. Including, the worst case of comparing to a students who score better than the child who fail may not help at all. It all also depending on the vulnerability of the children. Some take challengers and others tend to leave everything off. So , teaching failure is not bad somehow help the students motivation.


A very mystifying reason that I have come across is the boredom to study. The student just become so idle that he or she has no idea the root-cause neither the parents couldn’t find out. In this case it is always good to diagnose the child, I am not saying a counselor or a psychiatric to follow. But the parents to be aware of these changes of the students. This might be due to moodiness or hormonal change in the child body. This mainly happens with the students of teens and they for no reason go into depression and mood swings. Activities can help the child overcome these barriers.

How to overcome?

Frankly speaking, the solution to these issues are very simple. As I said before these are few very essential issues that I have come to know. The best therapeutic way to deal with these complications is to first educate and make yourself aware as a parent. Don’t assume anything and judge negatively about your child. The common reason, that child express is parents’ negative attitude towards them. Although they do mistakes try to resolve the problem with calmness. Each child is different and they have different abilities, try to learn these things by understanding how valuable is to your child. Shouting or raising voices is not the best way sometimes to deal with things. Sometimes, parents are wrong and it is not letting yourself down in front of your children. In fact is a beautiful manner that you are teaching to your child. My prayer is that may Allah give strength to your parenting hood and may he guide you to show the light of to achieve a better life to your children.

If you have any question regarding your child education issues I would like to offer my help, I will be in contact via mail marymysterystar@gmail.com and thank you for the time you took to read.

Thank you my brother

Chuck rish

( I have few men that I inspire in my life and one of them  is my brother Chuck Rish)

Chuck Rish or Ibrahim Rashadh and family name as Rishadh is a leading guitarist.

His dedication to achieve his goal in music was bitter sweet memories. However, today as he sits with his guitar and sings with his masculine heavy voice my mind goes wow! Every time. I am indeed quite inspired by his request of composing a lyric for him. My heavy workloads had kept on forgetting me to sit and give this a thought.

Well, couple of night ago as I sat on the swing my thoughts pondered about this lyric thing. Then something came to my mind and I typed that on my phone. It was around one in the early morning and my fingers just were as smooth as my thought could be.

Then tonight I sat in a restaurant to have dinner and wrote on my sketch book few words to start with and then words just poured like rain. And printed on the white page. I was stunned by this amazing thing and so excited. Thank you my brother, for this little happiness that I felt a blessing within me. You had inspired me thousand times but tonight thinking of you had given me hopes to climb up one stair more.

Do we always have to follow a system for survival?

I was on a trip to Haa Alif Ihavandhoo, it was basic first aid training. That was my first trip to a very nothern side of Maldives. I was quite overwhelmed through out the whole journey. 

I met my partner or companion who went with me in the trip even before on a work shop. So we knew each other quite well and that had made me comfortable too. During the two days were very dull because of raining and we didn’t go out of the room. We were kind of exhausted and after the workshop we basically slept till sunset. I had fever and was sick as well. 

It was our third day that we decided to at least walked around the island for a bit . It was during Eid and lots of activities were going on.  

 (the day we left the island and it was raining ) 

I was able to talk to few people in that island and I was moved by their living style.

They don’t depend on a system for survival. They had a beautiful living style of our cultural ways. They are hard workers and wanted to remain that way. Even the school teacher is cooking in a restaurant in order to feed the customers. They build their standards to survive for the new world. People are curious to learn more and educate themselves. This is what I call a civilization must be.

The island nurture their living through strength  and friendliness in the community . They expressed their sadness that political parties and politicians had ruined the bonds of the islands. This is something that we have to be aware , some innocents people are changing their perceptions due to unreal judgements . And the educators today rather aeration the nation, yelling out at the system it would be more beneficial to encourage to hear the truth. 

After all the system come into existence due to people and if we have to respect them we have to accept the truth and to the people. If the system fail to do something. We address to the authority and the nation come forward holding our hands. Not with hate in our heart. So I guess we are able to survive without a system. This is my a glimpse of what I just felt.



It was a smooth ride on the boat to Himmafushi. First the ferry got cancelled and few of my classmates from the island had to wait in Male’ for over night.This is one of few reasons that travelling from island to island at times are difficult. If there is a bad weather and rough sea, it is quite dangerous to be on a boat.

So , the boat departed from Male’ early in the morning;it wasn’t the island ferry but Gilli resort ferry. I had a comfortable time on the boat that I met a Srilankan lecturer and exchanged few thoughts and ideas. The conversation was very fruitful after all. I could see staff from resorts lying on the seats and listening to musics and few of my friends humbly sat on the benches. I could judge from their posture their tiredness and inside my mind I was so excited. Which they have no idea I didn’t sleep but I was quite energized.

It was an hour journey we were stopped to Gilli and from there we had to get into a smaller boat that took approximately 20 minutes to the final destination, Himmafushi.
Then I got great help from my colleges and I was able to see rehabilitation center. And had fun with them on the beach. A time like this is so peaceful when you are with people who have same frequency and able to understand the differences and see you without judgmental. I felt as my childhood had come back and was cheery through out this journey of a day visit to this small beautiful island called Himmafushi.

Beauty of silence

Some one wore a dress of silence
Decorated with shiny gems
That beauty radiates across the thought
Moulding the rigid edges with in us
Someones’s beauty so incline
And kept us frozen in time
Though away from those moments
Still the thought is mesmerized
For that beauty of silence